Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just being cute!

Emma has discovered she can use Lauren's potty as a stool which is very handy when you want to reach things. Today, Emma was busily fixing her hair as Lauren finished using the toilet (YAY - Lauren is so close to being potty trained!!)

On Saturday night we were watching TV in the living room while Lauren & Emma played at their kitchen set. We heard a frantic cry from Emma and looked to see what the problem was. She had pulled out the bottom drawer of the toy bin and sat in it, but couldn't get back out. Jared ran for the camera and even though she'd been fussing seconds prior to the picture being taken, as soon as Jared held up the camera, we are quite certain she said "cheese," and posed.

"Watch me do a womersault!"


Sisterly Love

The girls have had a few moments lately where it appears that they like each other and enjoy having each other around. It makes us very hopeful for the future!
No, the girls were not sent to the corner. For some reason this was a fun place to sit and drink their milk.

Fun in a laundry basket!

I asked Lauren to go get Emma's shoes so we could go outside. When they both disappeared, I went looking for them, and found Lauren trying to put Emma's shoes on for her. I think it's hilarious that Emma was laying there so still.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Parties and the South Dakota State Fair...

Over the long weekend we got to celebrate with 2 different birthday parties for Emma Rae and go up to Huron and walk around at the State Fair. Emma had lots of visitors including Great Grandma Dora, Great Grandpa Jim, Grandma Diana, Grandpa Leland, Aunt Tammy, Uuncle Tim, Aunt Heidi, Aunt Megan and her boyfriend Seth for Party number 1 and Great Grandma Marge, Grandpa Tony, Grandma Peggy, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Kim, and cousins Joey, Taylor, and Kara.

Little people for little people!
The girls on the crazy firetruck!

The girls on the Tilt-O-Whirl!

Only a John Deere could stand up to these two!

Lauren "milking a cow" at the state fair.
Ready for the open road...look out!

Where's Emma?


Lots of Cake!@!

Lauren and Emma "testing the durability" of Emma's new picnic table.
Lauren and Emma have come a long way since the days of Lauren glaring at Emma as she was not quite as enthusiastic about waking up as Emma was.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

It is hard to believe, but our Baby is 1 year old today. We did not get too crazy today since we are partying this weekend, but Emma got a doughnut with a birthday candle in it this morning which her big sister helped her to blow out. We went out to Pizza Ranch for supper where Emma got to dine on mashed potatoes, chicken, pizza, her own bottle of milk. When we got home, her big sister helped her to open her presents. She got some new shoes, bath toys, a book, a Micky Mouse plate, and some foam letters for the tub, but was quite mature as she was most impressed with the cards.
Emma lounging in her rocking chair after bath time.
Emma's Birthday Doughnut.

Emma opening a package on the morning of her birthday.

Our family outside on Emma's Birthday.

Emma playing ball with Dad.