Sunday, June 13, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

When we got home from church and eating lunch at Pizza Hut, we found that our wonderful neighbors had made a sign for our new lakefront property. The kids, Mitch and Molly, were enjoying the water with their inflatable boat. Lauren & Emma couldn't wait to ride along.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Interesting outfits and a Rainstorm

Lauren & Emma have been expressing themselves through interesting clothes. Lauren found this swimmin suit equipped with a floatation device in our camper. She found that it worked as a nice biking outfit.

Emma got new Dora underwear from Grandpa John (he found lots of Dora things for her, which she loves!). She decided that she should wear them where everyone could enjoy them with her.

She also decided that she needed attractive footwear to complete the outfit.

A rain storm last night left us with over 4 inches of rain. The water that had almost disappeared from our ditch has turned back into a lake on the south end of our lot.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun times

The last week of May gave us lots of opportunities to be outside.
It was the perfect start to summer.

We have started driving into town so that we can walk/ride bikes on the Dakota Weslyan campus. The sidewalks are nice and wide, and the girls love the fountains. Lauren asks, "Can we go to South Dakota Weslyan?"

Enjoying the little fountain.

Emma rehydrating.
Lauren heading toward the big fountain. It had not been working for a few days, so Lauren was ecstactic to see that it was going. She said, "They fixed the batteries!"

Enjoying popsicles outside.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we travelled to Pierre to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's 60th anniversary. We somehow did not take any pictures, so you can look at Tim & Heidi's blog to catch what happened.
On Monday a bunch of Jared's family came over for a cook-out.
I only have a few pictures of the kids.
Emma relaxing with big cousin Taylor.

Emma & Kara cruisin around.