Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Lauren!

Lauren had lots of fun celebrating her 4th birthday. She started out by opening presents from Dad, Mom, and Emma.

This is how Lauren's princess cake turned out. Jared mentioned that the hat made her look like a wizard, but other than that, it turned out pretty well!

We celebrated with Grandma Peggy, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Kim, Grandpa Tony, Joey, Taylor, and Kara on Saturday.

We celebrated with Grandpa Leland, Grandma Diana, Uncle Tim, Aunt Heidi, and Aunt Megan on Sunday.

Big News!!

We told Lauren and Emma last Thursday that they will become big sisters on June 1st. We recorded their reaction (Stacey is the one holding the camera):

This is a picture of the ultrasound from our first appointment (11 weeks). Not the best quality, but since we don't have a scanner, we just made do!