Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunday Visit

We enjoyed an afternoon visit from Grandpa Leland, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Heidi. Grandma Diana is visiting Josiah (and of course Robin and Neal :-) this weekend.

Tim and Heidi playing Chutes and Ladders with Lauren.

Emma enjoying some Grandpa time.

Sadly, this was Emma just minutes before Grandpa arrived. She was angry with Daddy and so she hit him. We have to give her credit for staying the corner when we put her there.

First Communion

Last Saturday, we got to see our niece Taylor take her First Communion.
We were glad we could be a part of her special day.

Random pictures

Lauren was being very helpful mopping the floor.

We just discovered that Emma is quite interested in puzzles. She does quite a good job too. She asks to do "pieces" (her word for puzzles) a lot. Notice her tongue sticking out - an indication of how focused she is.

The girls had been playing very quietly for a few minutes. I went to check on them, and found Emma sitting on top of this pile of books. They had taken every book off of Lauren's book shelf. Lauren explained that Emma wanted a book.

Outside fun

Emma trying out the new golf clubs.

Playing with their new Dora balls from Grandpa John.

Lauren and Black Olives

Both of our girls LOVE black olives. They could eat an entire can of them if we let them.

They also love to play with them...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Tony!

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We went up to Huron on Friday night and celebrated Easter with Jared's family. The girls dyed Easter eggs and went on an Easter hunt.

Emma waited very patiently while Aunt Kim helped her dye an egg.

Kara and Lauren spent quite a while driving around in the gator before the egg hunt began.

On Sunday, we enjoyed going to our church for the Easter service. Afterwards, Stacey's family joined us at our house for Easter dinner.