Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emma Rae's New Bed...

Emma is transitioning into becoming a "Big Sister", with the most recent phase coming in the form of her new bed. She got a new twin bed and moved into Lauren's Room. She loves her new bed, and has been doing very well so far staying in it. Lauren has yet to complain about her new roomate, though I am sure we have some interesting evenings coming.

Sledding Day at Grandma and Grandpa Buseman's

We got to enjoy some warmer weather and try out the girls' new sleds at Grandma Nana's. Aunt Tammy is quite the sledding enthusiast, so she was leading the charge. They enjoyed bouncing off the drifts, getting pulled behind the 4-Wheeler, and very much enjoyed when Aunt Tammy would fall in the snow. When Lauren was getting pulled behind the 4-Wheeler, I asked her if she was having fun and OK on the sled, she said "yeah, can you go faster!" I think we may have a couple little dare devils on our hands!

Welcome Cousin Lily...

Last weekend we all got to meet our new niece/cousin Lily. Stacey's Brother Tim and his wife Heidi had her. She is quite cute and tiny, the girls very much enjoyed talking to her, reading to her and holding her.

Photos by....Lauren!

Lauren has recently discovered that she has an interest in photography. Here are some of her recent snapshots. Life through the eye of a 4 year old!

Fun at Home