Sunday, March 21, 2010

A weekend trip to Rapid City...

After spending a few more days with cousin Josiah on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we headed out to the Black Hills for the weekend. We got out there on Friday afternoon and got to spend some time swimming and using the waterslide. We went and watched a basketball game at the state AA tournement with my aunt Judy. Saturday, my cousin Jennifer and her husband Gary brought their kids Hannah and Carson to swim with us at the motel. We drove around and checked out the scenary Saturday afternoon, and the girls slept the whole time, which was the intent. We had supper at Jennifer and Gary's house that night, despite our Garmin trying its hardest not to get us there. We came home today with 58 degees and sunshine which was great. Most of our snow is gone and none of our 4 sump holes overflowed over the weekend.

Emma's new "Dora" cars.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meeting our new cousin Josiah

Lauren, Emma, and Uncle Jared finally got to meet their new cousin/nephew this weekend! Neal, Robin, and Josiah made the long trek up to SD from Nashville by minivan. They had a brief layover in Cedar Rapids with Aunt Tammy.
On Saturday we enjoyed having everyone come to Mitchell. Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Tim, Aunt Heidi, Aunt Megan, and Seth came to be with the Matthews. We also were excited to have Great-Grandma Dora, Great-Grandpa Jim, Great-Aunt June, Great-Aunt Linda, Great-Uncle Steve, Jaden and Jayce here to help welcome the southerners. We had a great day.

Emma wasn't too sure about "baby" at first, but she warmed up to her new cousin pretty quickly.

Four generations of Hansens.

Today we went to Canistota to celebrate Josiah's arrival with the Buseman clan. Lauren and Emma really enjoyed squeezing Josiah any chance they got. After a quick stop and Grandma Nana and Grandpa LeeLee's we went to the nursing home in Canistota so Great-Grandma Marilyn could be part of the celebration.

Playing a quick game of ring around the rosies with Aunt Megan in the hallway.

Four generations of Busemans

When we got home this evening I was putting things away in the kitchen. I turned around to find Emma holding a clean diaper, her jammies, and laying down in her diaper changing position. I guess she was tuckered out!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

It is finally March...YEAH!!!